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My secret for avoiding content creation burnout

You've likely been told by marketing experts that if you want any real traction on social media, you need to be posting on a regular basis.

I'm not here to tell you something different, posting consistently is very important, but can we all just agree on something...

Content creation burnout is a real thing!

If you're managing your own social media accounts you're trying to be in all the places, likely multiple times a day. It's exhausting!

So I wanted to share a simple hack that can help curb that burnout but still keep you consistent on socials.

How I avoid content creation burnout every week

First of all, my motto is always only do what you can effectively manage. It's extremely hard to be present on every single social media channel. So, just start with one, master it, and become efficient at it before adding on another one.

Even when you're only managing one account, creating content can take up a ridiculous amount of time.

I'm creating over seventy pieces of content each week, so I feel your pain! (I know, I was just as surprised when I counted it all up between the content I create for clients and myself!)

Because I put my clients first, I don’t start creating content for my own brand until the end of the week. But if I’m burnt out from creating everyone else’s content, I won’t create my own, and then my brand won’t grow! Not good.

So, what’s my secret?

It’s not reeeeaallly a secret seeing as I talk about it ALL the time (hehe)


This is where you take a piece of content you’ve created in the past and present it in a new way – if it was a video before, do an image post this time. If it was an image post before, create a video for it this time. All you need to do is re-word the caption slightly (or just post the same one if you want!)

I am SO thankful for this tactic right now as I onboard a HUGE new client, I haven’t had as much time to focus on creating my own content. All I do is go back to past content I’ve created that has performed well and re-create it.

Just a few tweaks to the caption, maybe a different heading or colours and I’m done!

Remember, less than 2% of your followers see your content, and you are the ONLY person who sees every single piece of content you put out (sorry to break it to you).

So, if you feel like you’re being repetitive, GOOD! That means there’s a chance your message is getting through.

People won’t take action just because they see something once. We need to see the same message over and over again before we actually decide to take action (most of the time).

Trust me, social media is NOT worth getting burnt out over and it’s totally avoidable!

I challenge you to repurpose at least TWO pieces of content for next week and let me know how it goes!

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