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Resources (aka free stuff)

Grab some (or all!) of these free downloads designed to make your social media process SIMPLE! Each one is created with care and love with the goal to make your life easier. If you have any questions about anything in these downloads, or have a request for a new guide, don't hesitate to let me know!


4 Steps to Become Your Own Social Media Manager

Struggling to stay consistent with your social media content? Download this guide for my process and framework for organizing, planning, and scheduling your content!

Social Media Content Calendar & Planner

Manage your social media content & process like a PRO with this free Airtable template. It's the exact template I use to manage all of my client's content. It's easy to use and keeps your process streamlined and simple!

30 days of content.png

30 Days of Social Media Content

Keeping up with changing social media trends and platform updates is a full time job.  I've made it my personal mission to bring you simplified social media strategies.

Instagram Size Guide for Reels & Post

There are THREE different sizes for Instagram posts, do you know which is best to use? There are a lot of factors to consider - like how much space your post takes up in the feed, whether all of the text is visible on your profile, and so much more! Grab this guide for the complete breakdow.

size guide 2.png
IG insights.png

Instagram Insights in 3 Easy Steps!

Insights are a valuable tool that can tell you what content is performing best, who is seeing your content, who is clicking on your links, and so much more. Grab this guide to find out where to find all this juicy info!

The Best Times to Post on Social Media

Are you struggling to find the right times to post?  Download this free guide to find out when you should (and shouldn't) be posting.

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