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They Key to Social Media Growth

You know when you have the answer to the question everyone keeps asking, but no one is paying attention to you?

It seriously feels like you’re standing on a stage tapping into the microphone asking “is this thing on?!”

I feel this way when it comes to the questions people keep asking me about how to grow on social media, what content to post, how often to post, why people are engaging with their content.

My answer is always the same.


Stop comparing yourself to other people, stop trying to copy other brands.

Just. Be. You.

Sincerely approach social media as if you are trying to make life long friends. The kind of friends you can share anything with. The kind of friends you can’t wait to tell about your latest successes and failures. The kind of friends you turn to when things are hard.

That is what social media is about today. A genuine place to CONNECT with people.

Not just throw out a bunch of content and ask people to like and comment so your performance goes up, your reach gets farther, and you get more sales.

Social media is a two-way transaction.

You need to GIVE before you can take.

As your followers, we want to know who YOU are. We want to know what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what makes you stand on a soapbox.

When you commit to being truly authentic online, everything else falls into place.

No, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

You will start attracting the followers you want – the raving fans that love your content SO much that they’ll buy anything your selling and tell all their friends about you.

When you commit to being authentic online, creating content becomes WAY easier because it won’t feel forced. You literally just have to sit down and ask yourself “what do I want to share with my friends today?” or, “what do I want to help my friends with today?”

When you start looking at social media as a group of friends that you truly care about, your entire perspective changes and everything becomes a whole lot easier.

Trust me, I’ve tried it both ways, and it’s true my friend. I wouldn’t lie to you. 😉

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