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Gaining Perspective on Your Dreams

Happy Birthday! 🥳

I realize it’s likely not your birthday, but there is something worth celebrating today!


Stay with me…

Think back to you a year ago. Where were you? What were you doing? What were you dreaming of? More freedom with your time? More money? Better business systems?

And then think about where you are now –

Did you achieve your goal? Amazing! Take the time to congratulate yourself.

Are you still working toward it? Fantastic! You are one resilient SOB and you will stop at nothing until you get there. Celebrate yourself for that.

Did you completely forget that’s what you were working towards and are just remembering now? Great! You just took the first step towards recommitting and getting yourself back on track.

You see, you’re always a little further ahead than you were yesterday, last month, last year. You’ve learned something between then and now that is getting you one step closer to reaching your goal.

So stop beating yourself up. Seriously, it’s not helping you.

Take the time to give yourself a high five for continuing to put the work in. Whatever that work looks like – working on your craft, going to therapy, or practising self-care.

You’re doing the work, my friend. And that, is something to celebrate.

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