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What social media platform do you REALLY need to focus on in 2023?

I know by now you've probably read or received a bunch of messages about "The Best X in 2023" or "What You Need To Do for X in 2023".

At the risk of writing just another one of those posts, I wanted to offer something I haven't seen yet:

A message telling you that you do NOT need to be in all places.

[insert sigh of relief here]

Seriously, this is something I've always stood behind. Trying to get your brand out there in all the places and actually doing each one RIGHT is hella exhausting! Your mental health is more important than getting followers.

So, here's the truth: It's better to do ONE platform really really well than it is to half-a$$ content on all the platforms.

BUT you still want to be in all the places, right?! I know, me too. So, here's what I do.

Pick one platform (the one where your target audience is the most) and go all in on that one platform. Optimize for that platform, do all the things that will help you get the results you want. At the same time, take the content you're putting there and just repurpose it to the other platforms. Use free apps to remove watermarks on your TikToks or Reels, or create your videos in a third party app like CapCut. Use the same caption you optimize for your main platform and put them on the others.

Using this strategy allows you to be focused on one platform (increasing your chances of success), while also staying present in other places.

So, to answer the next question - which platform do I focus on?

I'm so glad you asked ;)

After combing through all the articles, information, and resources I could find, I've put together a quick summary of each social media platform and how they are expected to grow, change, and get results this year.

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Reels on Facebook are apparently blowing up right now! I am still testing this out for myself and my clients, but it’s something I’m doing FOR SURE. Now… whether this is because Gary Vee told everyone to focus on Facebook Reels this year, or if Meta is pushing the feature because it’s new and they are trying to beat out TikTok… who knows?!

One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t dismiss Facebook too quickly. It’s still an extremely popular platform.

If you don’t have the time or energy to invest a ton of time into it – REPURPOSE! That way you’re still active on the platform (which is good for SEO), but you’re not putting a ton of energy into something that might not work for you.


Updates galore!!! There’s so much shifting and changing on the platform and one thing I have learned about new features is it’s best to jump on them early! Any time a new feature comes out, Meta likes to push it out HARD so people use it. The latest I’ve seen is the possibility of turning text into a picture in a Tweet format. I’ve seen people creating these manually using Canva, but it would be awesome if this could be automated!

Reels are still going strong so if you’re not creating them… seriously, why?! Make sure you’re following me for some SIMPLE video tips and ideas.

For all the Instagram updates, I always go to Jenn’s Trends – she’s always on top of every update.


Okay, DO NOT discount LinkedIn! I’ve seen it blow UP this past year and that will just keep going. There are a lot of great new features rolling out, and I have to say – they do a MUCH better job than Meta!

My go-to source for all things LinkedIn is Judi Fox. She’s brilliant and gives the best tips on how to use LinkedIn to achieve your goals.


Keep on keepin’ on! I think we’ll continue to see this platform build in popularity, and we’ll start to see users creeping up into 35+, so get on it now if you haven’t already!


Alright.. this one I’m SO intrigued by! I never like to push a new platform too hard until we know it will be around for a while because, really, why waste our time? But it is safe to say this platform is getting more and more attention! I’ve just downloaded it and I am ALL over it!

A social media platform that forces you to be authentic and where you don’t have to fight with an algorithm to get engagement and likes?! YES PLEASE!

Seriously, download it and check it out, I can see this being a MASSIVE way to set you apart from competitors. How much would you love to see what your fav influencers are doing every day?

If you’re on BeReal, let me know, I’d love to be friends!!


Simply put, YouTube is complete fire and the best platform for getting leads without dumping a bunch of money into ad spend. Check out Marley Jaxx to get the best insight and tactics for building a kick-a$$ YouTube Channel.

If you want more content like this, subscribe to my email list where I'm sending out content like this every week designed to level up your social media strategy to get the results you want.


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