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My Favourite Tools

We all need those things that are going to make our lives easier. Once you get into a routine of posting on a regular basis, you need that program or software that will save you time! A good social media strategy is well planned out, and you need the tools to help get you there. 

Below are software and tools I recommend to help you get started.

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Graphic Design &
Content Creation 

Hands down, without a doubt, I recommend Canva. I've been using it for years and it has never let me down! I used the free version for years and it served me well and now the Pro version blows my mind.

Not only do I use Canva for my social media content, but I also use it to create my proposals and reports to clients, workshop presentations, course slides, and a ton more.

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Social Media Management

Agorapulse is the platform I use for scheduling all of my clients' content. 

It's incredibly easy to use, but also has amazing robust features like Social ROI where it plugs into your Google Analytics so you can track clicks from your social media posts!

Their analytics are also the best I've seen. I can customize for whatever the brand's goals are and produce professional, clear reports.

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This is the BEST tool I’ve found for managing and organizing social media content. I use it for myself as well as each of my clients.


I can organize my content by publish date, type, and channel, and can assign different campaigns to it so I know what piece of content serves which marketing purpose.


You can also share your base with others so they can review, collaborate, approve, etc. There are endless opportunities!


Swift Kick in
the Ads

Amanda is the queen when it comes to Facebook Ads. She's taught me everything I know about them, and I'm still learning from her to this day! I can't recommend her enough. She's sassy, she's brilliant, she's fun, and is always, always helpful.

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Easy Video Editing

CapCut is an absolute dream for video editing. 

It's extremely user friendly and easy to use. You can keep your videos as simple or robust as you want. It also has templates, audio, correct sizing, auto generating captions, customizable features, and a ton more. 

I use it for creating and editing ALL of my videos. The free version has everything you need and Pro version is for when you're ready to level up. 

I highly recommend it - it will make your videos 10x better!


Email Marketing

This is the tool I use for my email marketing. It’s extremely easy to use and I love the layouts. They also have features like lead magnet delivery, landing pages, checkouts, and workflows. Oh, and did I mention they have the best support team?

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