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Become a Pro on Social Media Even If You Don't Know Where To Start

Do you know social media is the best way to grow your business, but are too afraid to start?

Are you trying to get your brand online but have no idea where to start?

Does the idea of using social media scare you to death?

Are you sick and tired of wasting hours and hours on social media and seeing no results?

Are you nervous about putting yourself out there online?

Do you want to overcome the fear of using social media?

Learn how to use Facebook & Instagram with intention so you can build your confidence online to grow your business and gain a loyal following, even if you’ve never used it before!

Become A Pro on Facebook & Instagram

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  • What platform is right for your brand

  • How to identify your target audience

  • What type of content is best

  • Tips and tactics for creating content

  • A step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook & Instagram

  • How to use Instagram Stories & Reels

  • Tools that will help you save time in creating content and managing your channels

After taking this course you'll have:

The right mindset to take control of your social media to post with intention

Tactics that can help increase your engagement and followers

Your Facebook & Instagram pages set up and active

Strategies for creating content for your brand

Tried and true methods for connecting with your audience

Tools and tips for saving time so you're not wasting hours a day

Take back control of your social media...

The go-at-your-own pace modules and bonus videos in this course allow you to pause and rewind, or skip ahead so you can follow along at the pace that works for you.

Course Bonuses:


  • A Private Facebook Group to get one-on-one feedback from me, receive personalized support, and be in community with others who are right where you are.

  • PLUS over 10 bonus videos to help you level up your social media even more!

Level UP your social media!

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Like so many of you, I've been overwhelmed by how to use social media to reach my audience. While working at an organization that was losing members every day,  it was my job to re-engage our membership, repair broken relationships, and improve our reputation in the community. After spending months and months learning and obsessing and trying different tactics, the strategies I learned turned our members from dis-engaged to loyal ambassadors for our brand and we became the trusted voice of business in our community. 

Then, taking those strategies and implementing them in another organization, I was able to grow their Instagram from zero to 800 Followers.

Running a business isn’t easy, you don’t want one more thing that complicates your life, causes anxiety, and takes up hours and hours of your day. 

This course will share time-saving tools and tactics that will allow you to be present on social media with only 3 hours a week!

With this course, you’ll learn simplified strategies for using Facebook & Instagram for your brand. Even if you’ve never used these platforms before, the lessons and bonus videos will walk you through step-by-step from beginning to end so you can start posting immediately. 

With Facebook & Instagram as one of the top platforms for finding your target audience, this course will teach you how to create authentic content so you can connect with your audience in a meaningful way, possibly turning them into loyal followers and customers. 

Become a pro on Facebook & Instagram!

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