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Meet Autumn

Fall is my favourite time of year, obviously. But really, it’s the best time of year don’t you think? ☺️

On a more serious note, I’ve been working with entrepreneurs my whole life. Growing up with an entrepreneur for a father, I was exposed to the intricacies of owning a business very young in life. Working with small businesses throughout my life, I have developed a deep appreciation and understanding of the incredible hard work and drive that it takes to do what you do best.


I love being able to do anything I can to support you so you can succeed. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone’s dream come to life through their business.

Speaking of passions, I found my love of social media about ten years ago and have spent my time since then immersing myself in trends, strategies, and all things social media. I love getting down and dirty with what makes content work online and what doesn't. I am a lifelong learner - dedicated to putting my best foot forward and continuing to learn and grow. 

When I'm not diving headfirst into social media trends, you can find me out in the bush hiking or hunting, out on the water fishing, or enjoying everything nature has to offer at our camp. I live in the beautiful Haliburton Highlands with my husband and our miniature beagle. 

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A little bit about my learning background...

After four years in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, I completed a post-graduate program at Sheridan College in Journalism – New Media.


Before I even graduated, I was offered a journalism and on air position at a radio station. I said yes the instant they offered it to me and I packed up my life and moved north five days later! I finished my graduate program while working full time and completely fell in love with the area. 

Following my passion for working with small businesses, I went to work for the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce as the Member Services Representative and was promoted to Manager six months later. Building up the business community was incredibly rewarding and I loved every minute of it.

From there, I was invited to join the team at the Haliburton County Development Corporation (HCDC), one of over 260 CFDCs across Canada, all dedicated to providing support to businesses through loans, funding, and free counselling and support services. Despite loving what I was doing at HCDC, I couldn't ignore that aching entrepreneurial drive - you know the one! The one saying there's more, you're not fulfilling your passion, you need this. So, I finally listened to my gut and took the plunge!

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